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a vampire survival experience

BUILD your castle, HUNT for blood, and RISE in power. Conquer the world of the living in a gothic Multiplayer Survival Game.

Awaken as a weakened vampire after centuries of slumber. Hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun to survive.

Explore a vast open-world together with friends or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandit camps, and traverse the territories of supernatural beasts. Rebuild your castle and convert humans into loyal servants in a quest to raise your vampire empire. Make allies online and wage war against other players in a world of conflict.

Will you become the next Dracula?

Rise from your grave

Awaken as a weakened Vampire after centuries of slumber in a world full of danger. Stripped from your unholy powers and starving for blood - you must hunt to regain your strength and fight for survival.

fear the light

Lurk in the shadows in the daytime or risk getting burned to ashes by the sunlight. Stalk the night and prey on your victims in the dark. As a vampire, you must quench your thirst for blood while planning your strategies around the day and nighttime.

Rule the Night

Unleash your powers after dusk and stalk your victims in the dark. Explore an open world together with friends or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandits, and delve into the territories of supernatural beasts.

a world in conflict

Tailor your vampire to fit your play style by combining weapons with a variety of spells earned through vanquishing powerful foes. Raid other players’ castles or become a diplomat in the game of blood, power, and betrayal. Compete or cooperate - the choice is yours.

build your castle

Construct your castle and exhibit your vampiric style. Fill your halls with lavish decor, become the envy of your undead peers, and oversee your domain of darkness from atop your regal throne.

command your servants

Lure victims back to your castle and convert them into your undead minions. Your loyal servants will lay down their lives in defense of your manor, or send them out to gather precious materials so you don’t have to dirty your hands.